Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 2006

Congratulations to our Oscar "Bait" of the Month winner:

"Contemporary Comedy"

Written by Brian from Arizona

Top 15 Baits of the Month

1. Contemporary Comedy
2. MLK
3. Crime and Punishment
4. The Wilder Side of Life
5. Life's a Drag
6. Wild Strawberries
7. La Vendetta di Carmel
8. Life's Support
9. Discovery
10. Winesburg, Ohio
11. I Heart London
12. All Alone
13. Fresh Heir: Volume I
14. Flying Circus
15. The Thousand Year Reich / Choosing Sides

Honorable Mentions: Devil in the White City, The Punch, Reflections and Shadows, Articles, Talitha, Hellfire, Helix, Mom's Girl, It, Selpouc, Tramps Like Us, On my Husband's Ashes


Best Plot/Synopsis

Contemporary Comedy
Fresh Heir: Volume I
The Thousand Year Reich
Crime and Punishment

Best Awards Campaign

Devil in the White City
I'll Remember Them
Contemporary Comedy

Most Original Bait

Fresh Heir: Volume I
I Heart London

Best Original Character

Lydia & Harold Baker (Judi Dench & Ian McKellen) in I Heart London
President James Schumer (Bradley Whitford) in Choosing Sides
Nina Wilson (Natalie Portman) in Fresh Heir: Volume I
Helen (Evan Rachel Wood) in Saints and Sinners
Jude Zimmers (Haley Joel Osment) in Life's Support

Best Crew

Auschwitz Love
Contemporary Comedy
Don't Cry for me, Broadway
When It All falls Apart
Reflections and Shadows

Best Cast

Devil in the White City
Love, Ronnie
The Wilder Side of Life
The Thousand Year Reich

Best Casting Choice

Johnny Depp as Henry H. Holmes in Devil in The White City
Jenna Jameson as Traci Empire in Pretty Young
Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan in Love, Ronnie
Terrence Howard as Martin Luther King Jr. in MLK
Cillian Murphy as Andrew/Andrea Leyson

Best Tagline

"Before the act of acceptance, comes the responsibility to act for it"
All Alone

"Sober - Son Of a Bitch! Everything's Real"
The Gary Busey Story

"A man can lose his pride, but not his memories"

"When you cage the devil, all hell breaks loose inside"

"For some life’s Great, but for others, Life’s a Drag!"
Life's a Drag

"Rediscover Deoxyribonucleic acid this November, 2007"


"There is good wholesome small town values, then there is Winesburg, Ohio..."
Winesburg, Ohio

Funniest Bait

The Gary Busey Story
Life's a Drag
Contemporary Comedy
Flying Circus
La Vendetta di Carmel

Shameless Oscar Vehicles

The Devil's Arithmetic
Crime and Punishment
Auschwitz Love
Mom's Girl
Rocket Man


Best Picture

Contemporary Comedy
The Wilder Side of Life
Crime and Punishment
Life's a Drag

Best Director

David Cronenberg, Crime and Punishment
Rob Reiner, Contemporary Comedy
Martin Scorsese, Wild Strawberries
Sam Mendes, Life's a Drag
Steven Spielberg, The Wilder Side of Life

Best Actor

Terrence Howard, MLK
Tim Robbins, Contemporary Comedy
Adrien Brody, Crime and Punishment
Cillian Murphy, Life's a Drag
Clint Eastwood, Love, Ronnie

Best Actress

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Don't Cry for me, Broadway
Natalie Portman, Fresh Heir: Volume I
Judi Dench, I Heart London
Jane Fonda, Love, Ronnie
Julianne Moore - Mom's Girl

Best Supporting Actor

Morgan Freeman, Contemporary Comedy
Jamie Foxx, MLK
Ian McKellen, I Heart London
Anthony Hopkins, The Thousand Year Reich
Owen Wilson, Articles

Best Supporting Actress

Dianne Wiest, All Alone
Kate Winslet, Articles
Uma Thurman - The Thousand Year Reich
Maya Rudolph - Helix
Idina Menzel - Les Miserables: The Movie Musical

Best Original Screenplay

Home for the Departed
Contemporary Comedy
Fresh Heir: Volume I

Best Adapted Screenplay

Crime and Punishment
Devil in The White City
Les Miserables: The Movie Musical
Love, Ronnie

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