Wednesday, June 18, 2008

April 2006

Congratulations to our Oscar "Bait" of the Month winner:


Written by Jordan from New York

Top 10

1. Carter
2. Once a Hero
3. I am a Patsy
4. The Great Gatsby (Coppola)
5. Leather
6. The Great Gatsby (Minghella)
7. Esther
8. The Piano Tuner
9. Follies
10. Love and Other Dangerous Things

Honorable Mentions: The Queen of Egypt, 1984, Venecia, Moby Dick & The American Right to Love

Most Oscar-friendly Character

Christopher Reeve (played by Brendan Fraser) in "Once a Hero"
Jimmy Carter (played by Thomas Haden Church) in "Carter"
Sally Hemmings (played by Halle Berry) in "Sally Hemmings"
Esther (played by Natalie Portman) in 'Esther"
Ray Farson (played by G. Hackman, T. Hanks & L. DiCaprio) in "Chain Reaction"

Best Ensemble

The American Right to Love
The Wizard of Oz (Burton)

Best Casting Choice

William Hurt in "Moby Dick"
Brendan Fraser & Maria Bello in "Once a Hero"
Thomas Haden Church in "Carter"
Albert Finney in "Hitch the Suspense"
Johnny Depp in "The Picture of Dorian Grey"

Best Plot / Synopsis

The American Right to Love
I am a Patsy
Love & Other Dangerous Things

Shameless Oscar Vehicles

The Queen of Egypt
All for an Oscar
Jack, John, Jane and Jess

Best Tagline

"Before any great ship took sail there was a great white whale"
From "Moby Dick"

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"
From "Hamlet"

"She’s becoming established. He’s waiting for a hit. She’s a legend. He’s just starting out. They’ve got a month"
From "Songwriter's Bible"

"What happens in Babylon stays in Babylon"
From "Esther"

"She had four Oscars on her shelf. But that wasn't enough"
From "Katharine Hepburn"

Most Unlikely to be Nominated Award

Hayden Christiansen as Jesus Christ in "The Carpenter"
Ziyi Zhang as Pikachu in "Legends"
Clive Owen as Captain Planet in "Captain Planet"

Most Likely to be Nominated Award

Brendan Fraser as Christopher Reeve in "Once a Hero"
Maria Bello as Dana Reeve in "Once a Hero"
Albert Finney as Alfred Hitchcock in "Hitch the Suspense"

Funniest Bait

"All for an Oscar"
"Captain Planet"

Thank you to all our contestants!

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