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January 2007

Congratulations to our Oscar "Bait" of the Month winner:


Written by Al from New York

Top 20 Baits of the Month

1. Sandstorm
2. As I Lay Dying
3. E.L.
4. Negatives
5. Love Now, Laugh Later
6. Dear Andrea
7. Balton Productions
8. The Home
9. Destiny
10. Inside You Out
11. Media Politics
12. Steel Gates
13. The Last Art Work
14. A Long Way Down
15. Postality
16.The Sun King
17. F.E.A.R.
18. Abroad
19. Veil of Sin
20. Midnight

Honorary Mentions: Bismarck, MLK, Beach House, Sorry, Wrong Number, Saviors, Goodness Had Nothing to do with it, A Chorus Line, Meet Me Under the Moon, Tavistock Place, My Life Before, The Scales Don't Lie & Repent

Chosen by our contestants

Best Picture (Drama)

The Sun King
Inside You Out

Best Actor (Drama)

Terrence Howard for MLK
Vincent Perez for The Sun King
Colin Farrell for The Hitman
Rodrigo Noya for Destiny
Clive Owen for Midnight

Best Actress (Drama)

Betty White for E.L.
Sophie Okonedo for The Pastor's Wife
Diane Lane for Potrait of A Woman
Sandra Bullock for Dear Andrea
Kerry Washington for MLK

Best Picture (Comedy or Musical)

Love Now, Laugh Later
Media Politics
Balton Productions

Best Actor (Comedy or Musical)

Vince Vaughn for Negatives
Woody Allen for Postality
Al Pacino for The Home
Matthew Broderick for The Scales Don't Lie
Alec Baldwin for Media Politics

Best Actress (Comedy or Musical)

Diane Keaton for Postality
Christina Applegate for Balton Productions
Sarah Jessica Parker for Sex In The City
Emma Thompson for A Long Way Down
Juliette Lewis for All's Fair in Oven Wars

Best Supporting Actor

Cillian Murphy for Sandstorm
Steve Buscemi for Veil Of Sin
Christopher Walken for Inside You Out
Shia LaBeouf for Abroad
Shia LaBeouf for Sandstorm
Joe Pesci for The Art of Love

Best Supporting Actress

Maggie Smith for Negatives
Kate Winslet for Inside You Out
Brittney Murphy for Sandstorm
Julianne Moore for Dear Andrea
Sissy Spacek for As I Lay Dying
Helen Mirren for Love Now, Laugh Later

Best Director

Steven Soderberg for Sandstorm
Paul Weitz for Negatives
Oliver Stone for Inside You Out
Milos Forman for The Sun King
Tim Burton for Something Wicked This Way Comes
Pedro Almodavar for Destiny

Best Screenplay

Steven Soderberg for Sandstorm
Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz for Negatives
Milos Forman and Jean-Claude Carriere for The Sun King
Christopher Guest and Christopher Buckley for Media Politics
Woody Allen for Postality
Paul Haggis and Eric Roth for Tavistock Place


Best Plot / Synopsis

Inside You Out
Love Now, Laugh Later

Best Awards Campaign

As I Lay Dying
Balton Productions
The Home

Most Original Bait

Balton Productions
The Last Art Work
The Scales Don't Lie
Steel Gates

Most Original Character

Dan Travis, played by Harry Connick Jr, in Balton Productions
Patsy Turner, played by Ellen Burstyn, in Beach House
Michael Russo, played by Colin Farrell, in The Hitman
Paul Finkel, played by Woody Allen, in Postality
Edward Cutrone, played by Clive Owen, in Midnight
Frank Weerner, played by Dan Hedaya, in Veil of Sin

Best Cast

As I Lay Dying
The Home
Goodness Had Nothing to Do with It
Tavistock Place
The Sword and The Stone

Best Casting Choice

Helena Bonham Carter as Vanessa Sexton-Wales in The Scandal
Sandra Bullock as Andrea Yates in Dear Andrea
Steve Buscemi as Barney Penn in Veil of Sin
Emma Thompson as Maureen in A Long Way Down
Betty White as E.L. Hughes in E.L.

Best Crew

Hampered by Beauty: The Curse of Vivian Leigh
My Life Before
The Sun King
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Tavistock Place

Best Tagline

“It’s not home…and it will never be”

“The Kitchen Just Got a Whole Lot Hotter”
All's Fair in Oven Wars

“Do you know the true meaning of F.E.A.R.?"

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”
Goodness Had Nothing to do with It

“He Had A Family, He Had Secrets, But Most Of All He Had A Dream”

Funniest Bait

All's Fair in Oven Wars
Beach House
Love Now, Laugh Later
Media Politics

Shameless Oscar Vehicles

Dear Andrea
Hampered by Beauty: The Curse of Vivian Leigh
The Search for Eternal Glory
The Sun King

Best Poster Design

The Last Art Work
Sex & The City

Best Author

Al (Sandstorm & A Chorus Line)
Ben Miller (Negatives & Abroad)
Harry (Destiny & The Sun King)
Matt (Dear Andrea & The Scales Don't Lie)
Pat (The Home & Tavistock Place)


Best Picture

As I Lay Dying
Love Now, Laugh Later

Best Director

Tim Burton, Something Wicked This Way Comes
David Fincher, F.E.A.R.
Ryan Fleck, Bismarck
Steven Soderbergh, Sandstorm
Paul Weitz, Negatives

Best Actor

Harry Connick Jr, Balton Productions
Ryan Gosling, As I Lay Dying
Terrence Howard, MLK
Clive Owen, Midnight
Al Pacino, Inside You Out
Vincent Perez, The Sun King

Best Actress

Sandra Bullock, Dear Andrea
Diane Lane, Portrait of a Woman
Rachel McAdams, Hampered by Beauty: The Curse of Vivian Leigh
Bebe Neuwirth, A Chorus Line
Sophie Okonedo, The Pastor's Wife
Betty White, E.L.

Best Supporting Actor

Steve Buscemi, Veil of Sin
Cillian Murphy, Sandstorm
Bill Nighly, E.L.
Joe Pesci, The Art of Love
Mark Wahlberg, The Home

Best Supporting Actress

Annette Bening, Meet Me Under the Moon
Frances McDormand, Beach House
Helen Mirren, Love Now, Laugh Later
Julianne Moore, Dear Andrea
Maggie Smith, Negatives

Best Original Screenplay

Media Politics
Steel Gates

Best Adapted Screenplay

As I Lay Dying
A Long Way Down
The Playhouse
Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Sword and The Stone

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