Wednesday, June 18, 2008

July 2006

Congratulations to our Oscar "Bait" of the Month winner:

"The Great Fitzgerald"

Written by Tom from New Jersey

Top 20 Baits of the Month

1. The Great Fitzgerald
2. Jersey Boys
3. The Lady or The Tiger?
4. Intimate Portraits
5. A Faith of One
6. Wicked
7. Please Stop Laughing at Me
8. Fresh Heir: Volume II
9. Rubik
10. A Question of Sanity
11. 46664
12. Broken Frames
13. Acceptable Behavior
14. Deception
15. The Ballad of Eric and Julia
16. Sex in the Oval Office
17. Praying for the Soldier
18. Mirage
19. Natural Talent
20. Sanity's Conspiracies

Honorable Mentions: Mercury, There and Back Again, What's a Minority?, Resurrection, When the World Stopped Turning, The Assassination, Welcome to my Hometown, Sweeney Todd


Best Plot/Synopsis

The Lady or The Tiger?
Acceptable Behavior
A Faith of One
Fresh Heir: Volume II
Broken Frames
The Great Fitzgerald

Best Awards Campaign

Jersey Boys
The Great Fitzgerald
Sex in the Oval Office
When the World Stopped Turning
Sweeney Todd

Most Original Bait

A Question of Sanity
Brain Damage
Natural Talent
Sex in the Oval Office

Best Original Character

Brian McDougal (Woody Harrelson) in A Question of Sanity
Claire Petrie (Keira Knightley) in Praying for the Soldier
Tim/Grayson Spencer (Liev Schreiber) in Mirage
Alana Neil (Maria Bello) in Sanity's Conspiracies
Emery (Leonardo DiCaprio) in What's a Minority?

Best Crew

There and Back Again
Sanity's Conspiracies
Each Six Years
Welcome to my Hometown

Best Cast

Metal Gear Solid
The Lady or The Tiger?
The Great Fitzgerald
Natural Talent

Best Casting Choice

Johnny Depp as Ozzy Osbourne in Diary of a Mad Man
Frances McDormand as Annie Leibowitz in Intimate Portraits
Robert Guillaume as Nelson Mandela in 46664
Stellan Skarsgard as Franz Ferdinand in The Assassination
Rachel McAdams as Julia Roberts in The Ballad of Eric & Julia

Best Tagline

"Good is the Root of All Evil"

"Lust introduced them. Love brought them closer. Hate would never tear them apart."
Romeo and Juliet

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"
Brain Damage

"Eleven young men, with nothing in common but their love for a game, will decide the fate of a nation. Inspired by a True Story"
Ivory Elephants

"Some things are better off left undiscovered"
Son of Lamech

“Religion is never intimidated”
A Faith of One

"Sibling rivalry never looked so glamorous"
The Ballad of Eric and Julia

Funniest Bait

One Last Crime
Sex in the Oval Office
Wedding of the Year
What's a Minority?
Greater Tuna

Shameless Oscar Vehicles

Jersey Boys
The Battle
The Price of Freedom
There and Back Again

Best Author
In honor of this month's outstanding contestants:

Pat (Jersey Boys, Mercury, Beautiful Baby & Endless Summer)
Brian (Fresh Heir: Volume II & Natural Talent)
"Zgamer" (Metal Gear Solid & A Faith of One)
Tom (The Great Fitzgerald, Ivory Elephants & Brain Damage)
Brett (Sex in the Oval Office & Intimate Portraits)


Best Picture

The Great Fitzgerald
Jersey Boys
The Lady or The Tiger?
Intimate Portraits
A Faith of One

Best Director

Sam Mendes, A Faith of One
Rob Marshall, Jersey Boys
Mike Nichols, Please Stop Laughing at Me
Anthony Minghella, The Great Fitzgerald
Ang Lee, The Lady or The Tiger?

Best Actor

Johnny Depp, Diary of a Mad Man
Jack Nicholson, BTK
John Lloyd Young, Jersey Boys
Brandon Routh, Mercury
Robert Guillaume, 46664

Best Actress

Charlize Theron, The Great Fitzgerald
Maria Bello, Sanity’s Conspiracies
Nicole Kidman, Deception
Idina Menzel, Wicked
Frances McDormand, Intimate Portraits

Best Supporting Actor

Ralph Fiennes, Mercury
Anthony Hopkins, The Lady or The Tiger?
Morgan Freeman, Ivory Elephants
Tom Arnold, When the World Stopped Turning
Jake Gyllenhaal, A Faith of One

Best Supporting Actress

Felicity Huffman, Lost in America
Toni Collette, Sex in the Oval Office
Thandie Newton, What’s a Minority?
Judi Dench, Costa Rica Dreams
Kim Raver, Endless Summer

Best Original Screenplay

The Great Fitzgerald
Broken Frames
A Question of Sanity
Natural Talent
Fresh Heir: Volume II

Best Adapted Screenplay

Please Stop Laughing at Me
Lights in August
We All Fall Down

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